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My husband and I met while attending college in North Carolina and decided to start our lives together in South Carolina, where we have been since 2004. He was a resident of South Carolina, so we decided to begin our life together here. We built our dream home in 2012 and had our first child in 2014 and our second child in 2015. We have both developed an affinity for helping people in our own ways, with financial knowledge and business knowledge being at the top of that list.

I have worked in the accounting and finance field for several years and I have enjoyed it very much. Now I want to branch out even more and brand myself as a woman of wealth. While I am still on my wealth building journey, as I suspect I always will be, I want to help you along the way. With my knowledge and with the knowledge I attain, I propose to continue adding to this website so that we can move along on this journey together.

Here is a little bit more about me and who I am. I really enjoy devoting my extra time helping local charities, as does my husband. He is on the local United Way board, while I am on a smaller scale board for a local charity that devotes their time helping aggrieved and adverse children in our community. My role here on this board is fundraising. I have helped in different capacities with local charitable and non-profit organizations through the years, including a local Women’s League chapter, as well as a couple distinct roles through the years at our local church. I have also assisted and led local Pee Dee Coalition workdays and charity funding as well as local Soup Kitchen workdays. I am also a QuickBooks certified pro-advisor and trainer, which I help people I know personally at no cost to them in most cases.

I cannot wait to collaborate with you and help you become a woman of wealth. I pray for a mountain of blessings and wealth for you and your family. God bless you.

Please feel free to contact me kim@womenofwealth.net

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